Redirect Domains from Crazy Domain to GoDaddy Managed WP

It is very common to subscribe your domain and hosting packages from different companies for whatever reason. I worked with a client who has their domain parked on Crazy Domain and host their website with GoDaddy Managed WP. If you have worked with GoDaddy Managed WP, you will know that it is different from other hosting servers you see in the market because they are for non tech savvys, so they aren’t much controls with this type of hosting package.

I spent quite some time studying how I can redirect the domains to this website because this is not a very popular type of hosting, there were limited resources available online.

I played around with the settings and this was what I found:

Step 1: Add Domain to GoDaddy Managed WP

Login to your GoDaddy account and go to Your Account (icon at the top right) -> My Products -> Managed WordPress Websites -> Select A Website -> Settings (…) -> Change Domain. Then click Add Domain at the top right corner.

Step 2: Change the A Record of the domain

Login to your Crazy Domains account and change the A Record under DNS Settings to your GoDaddy’s IP. IP address can be found at the Add Domains page on GoDaddy.

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