Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre

It has been such a pleasure to meet and work with Xian. Extremely punctual, prompt and accommodating Xian has put wonderful additions to our website. She taught and explained openly how we can move forward and set up interesting features to make our fundraising event for mental illnesses as exciting and interactive in real time as possible. She listens patiently and translates our needs into really good solutions. She is always searching for better ways to do things and doesn’t rest until it is right. I highly recommend her to anyone with website needs.

GetCover Asia

It’s always a pleasure working with Xian. She’s very flexible, open to explore new ideas and creative in coming up solutions to our requests. What we appreciate most is her prompt response and patience in explaining technical matters related to our website and thus, helping us to understand the issue. And of course, she will then recommend the solution to the issue 🙂

United Staco

United Staco is a small family business with little knowledge on setting up websites. Xian has been a major contributing factor to our growth by helping us create a new channel of business through the internet. She was very helpful in explaining how we can better improve our online presence and has been helping us since her University days. Has been very punctual with her deadlines to help us go live.


Smart & Efficient are the best adjective to describe Xian. We have appointed her to do a total makeover for our company website back in year 2013. With a few meetings on telling Xian what we want for our website, she managed to out deliver a better version for us beyond our expectation. We are impressed with her work and knowledge as a young developer back then. And until today, we are still engaging her to update our website from time to time basis. And, Xian’s work has never failed on our expectation.