Spartext is Malaysia’s first online platform for university students to buy and sell their used textbooks. The aim of the website is to turn the current manual system into an easy-to-use platform to automate the entire process from selling to buying to delivering the books. Security is the most important factor in building the platform to ensure the transactions are done smoothly without any obstacles.

My tasks includes:

  • Create an eCommerce website that displays the products.
  • Build a marketplace that allows students to register and advertise their products
  • Create a custom search form so students can search products by their universities, years and faculties.
  • Build an automatic payment system so the buyers can make payment through the website, and the payment can be paid to the seller once a transaction has been made.
  • Send SMS and email notifications to both buyer and seller once the transaction is done.
  • Create a custom backend system for the university partners, buyers and sellers to keep track on their university’s performance, and transaction details.
  • Sync the products on the website to their Facebook page.
  • Regularly design banners for marketing purposes.
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