Based in cosmopolitan Melbourne, the food capital of Australia, Saffron Store is a family owned business that’s passionate about international food and dedicated to bringing you historically coveted saffron spice from Iran.

My responsibilities include:

  • Redesign the website to make it looks more modern, loads faster and becomes more user friendly
  • Maintain company’s eCommerce website
  • Integrate website with PayPal, PayPal Express and Bitcoin
  • Integrate website with DHL Shipping
  • Create customised two-step optin function for newsletter
  • Link contact forms and WooCommerce checkout forms to MailChimp
  • Integrate Disqus with blog posts and WooCommerce products so users can easily leave comments using their social media accounts without having to sign up for an account on the website.
  • Create and customise the order completed email to show the latest blog post
  • Create a wholesale page that restrict access to wholesale customers only
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