Sherlyn Oriental Belly Dance

Sherlyn was the first teacher in Malaysia, founding the highly successful Sirocco Secrets Dance Company. Sherlyn is often referred to as the mother of South East Asian bellydance, having taught and numerous artists in the region, who often look to her for advice and guidance.

My tasks include:

  • Displaying a few photo and video galleries throughout the website to showcase her performances
  • Editting video for the home page
  • Adding as much pictures as possible to make it more attractive but at the same time preventing the website from being slow
  • Adding a live chat function that links to her Facebook page
  • Allowing her to add her own timetable and convert it into a PDF format so her students can download
  • Hosting the website

Fun Lab Therapy

Fun Lab Therapy provides Occupational Therapy services in clinics, homes, schools and kindergartens.

My tasks include:

  • Create a website that presents information about the business, such as services, operating hours, FAQs and how to contact them.
  • Resize and edit their name cards to be sent to the printing company.

de Castella Run

de Castella Run is a charity event run by the de Castella family and MAPrc to provide more funding so that more and better treatments can be found for a broad range of mental Illnesses. The sponsors of the event include Nostra Homes, Quest and Mizuno. They also recruit volunteers to fundraise and run the event.

My tasks include:

  • Volunteered in the organisation to teach the admin how to update content.
  • Occasionally assist with content uploading and cleaning up user interface.
  • Create promotional video using the footages provided. Watch Video

The Christina Ghobadi Foundation

The Christina Ghobadi Foundation is a care and awareness charity that provides non-denominational spiritual and emotional wellbeing support to young people living with or recovering from cancer. They run various events in the community such as Bunnings Sausage Sizzle.

My responsibilities include:

  • Create a website to display the foundation’s information
  • Create a donate form that accepts PayPal payment
  • Integrate website with MailChimp and link the donate and subscription forms to MailChimp

Urban Yoga

Urban Yoga is a sub division of a not for profit organisation located in the centre of the busy Melbourne CBD. It doesn’t only promote health and wellness through running yoga classes, they also run all kinds of events such as Kirtan and Cooking classes to promote mental wellness and vegan food.

My responsibilies include:

  • Display yoga class timetable
  • Display all events on their events page and dynamically show future events on the home page.
  • Link website to their EventBrite page
  • Display teacher’s biography
  • Integrate subscription form with MailChimp
  • Add metadata to website