Unable to see Appearance -> Menu when creating custom theme

I have just started creating custom themes for my clients. The reason I am doing this is because when I have full control to the theme, I can easily optimise the website load time and server size. During my first time, I wanted to add menu items to the menu but I couldn’t find the…

Steps to swap Woocommerce ‘Billing’ with ‘Shipping’

There was once a client requested to swap the position of Woocommerce’s billing and shipping details, because by default WooCommerce displays the Billing info first. But, the client cares more about the shipping address because that is the most important information he needs for him to ship the products. Update on 3/8/2019: I realised the…


Woocommerce – Change ‘Place Order’ text for specific payment method

You often need to change the default Woocommerce text to be different from other eCommerce stores or to suit your business needs. Below is an example of how I converted the ‘Cash on Delivery’ payment method into a ‘Quote Request’ function, and replace the default ‘Place Order’ text with ‘Submit Quote Request’. I found this…


Remove query strings

Any of you ever make any CSS or Javascript changes to your WordPress website but it doesn’t show immediately on your browser unless you do a very hard refresh or clear cache? Here’s how you can avoid that: Just add the code below to your functions.php. To optimise the load time of the website, a…


How to add SMS notifications to WooCommerce orders

You get order notification emails when you buy things online. However, not many people check their email. Therefore, to keep your customers happy, you should send SMS notifications to them. To do this, I have created a WordPress plugin called Woocommerce SMS Notification. I am using WC Marketplace and as my SMS service provider….